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Baby and AatP shoe lucky pack [19 Jan 2011|02:15pm]
FINALLY I upload my photos. Here's my Baby and AatP shoe lucky pack!

Overall I LOVE my lucky pack. I will certainly be using the boots for my more aristocratic coords, and hopefully I can work the wooden sole shoes with my Relief OP that I'll be getting soon. I get the feeling that the wood soles are pretty old? This was the only box out of the 4 that had a design and the box itself looks pretty beat up. Does anybody have any info on the names and years these shoes came from?

I really wish I could have gotten the mille feuieuieuilieullle shoes, though. Those are my dreeeaaam *__* I also secretly hoped for the AatP converse styled sneakers, but I figured that wouldn't happen hahaha.

Also, let me know if my photos are too hueg. They look fine on my wide screen laptop but I imagine on smaller monitors it'd be a pain in the butt haha

Thanks for reading :>
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[28 Aug 2010|04:40am]
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